What is the Time Smart Router?

The Time Smart Router is based on latest technology that allows you to take full advantage of your internet in terms of speed, reliability and supa-cool extra features.

The Smart Router is exclusively available to Supanet customers. It has been developed using the very latest wireless technology and has been specially optimised with your current Supanet internet, to provide enhanced performance, supa-speed and ease of use.

We can automatically set up your Smart Router (Wi-Fi Router) remotely, so you don't have to do anything apart from supa-surfing the internet.



£29.99 OR 99p per month


£49.99 OR £1.99 per month


£69.99 OR £3.99 per month


£99.99 OR £4.99 per month

Automated router set up
Improved wifi speeds
Power efficient
Better security
Increased internet coverage
Share films / music    
Printer sharing    
Watch international TV    
Cheaper calls      
Automated parental control  
Faster online game speeds      
Transfer a 700mb file between a PC and a laptop in another room 8 mins
53 sec
6 mins
20 sec
5 mins
56 sec
3 mins
05 sec

How it works

The following diagram explains how the Smart Router works and how you can benefit from the latest in router technology:


What you receive inside the Smart Router Box:

When you receive the Time Smart Router, you'll receive the following items:

  • Smart Router and power supply
  • That's it, no CD install, no instructions, this is all you need. Just plug it into the wall and our technicians
    will automatically setup everything for you remotely.

How do I get the Smart Router ?

The Smart Router is available to new and existing Supanet customers, and is designed to work best with our Supa-fast broadband services.

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